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2019年2月20日 11時46分


Welcome to Wakasa Joint School!
Our school is in Wakasa Town, Tottori, Japan.
Wakasa Joint School has a junior high school and an elementary school.
We have 126 students and 45 teachers.
It's 7 years old.
Our mascot is Sakura-chan.

We like our school. It is full of smiles. We are all good friends. Our school is wonderful.
Throughout the year there are a lot of events, such as Sports Day, the School Festival, and the school trips.
We have Sports Day in September. We practice every day for Sports Day. It's fun.

A lot of people come every year to our school festival.

We had our field trip. We hiked Mt. Hyonosen.  We made curry at Mt. Hyonosen. It's hard, but it's fun.

7th grade students go to Hiroshima on a school trip.
This school has a lot of interactions with other schools.
We enjoy winter vacation in January. We can ski in Winter. Skiing is very exciting.

Please by all means come!